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Safety is Precision Group’s top priority. Our entire organization is committed to meeting our ‘zero reportables’ goal. We have achieved that goal and as of 12/1/2018 our EMR is .77 a number - which in this inherently dangerous industry- is a humbling achievement.


 We train to be prepared by continuously assessing every situation, investing in equipment, and addressing safety training topics daily. Our employees receive job oversite from their project manager in addition to our designated safety personnel. This approach encourages communication and feedback which helps ensure all risks have been mitigated. All employees are empowered to take whatever steps necessary to maintain a safe working environment – including stopping a job. In fact we close the office for three days a year to re-train the entire company in safety practices and job hazards. We believe that knowledge should be shared and therefore invite our customers and fellow contractors to join us in training. All of our employees are confined space entry trained and we perform drills every year to guarantee our staff has the knowledge they need before they arrive to work.


Our leadership has an uncompromising commitment to the health and safety of people and the environment. Our behavior based safety program focuses on keeping people safe 24/7-365 and has resulted in world class safety performance statistics.



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We believe in giving back to build a better community. We support many organizations with both our time and resources or with a monetary gift. These opportunities and the experiences they offer enrich our lives and hopefully the lives of those in the community. Our commitment to volunteerism is witnessed thru our policy to pay employees for up to 24 hours of volunteerism per year at a charity of their choice. We show up every day with the belief and awareness that we are our brothers’ keeper.



We, as a company, value our natural environment and recognize the need to bring cutting edge technology, great design and environmental sustainability to our communities as the strive to meet their ever expanding needs. This is our commitment to society.

Humility: Humble enough to prepare, to learn, to collaborate

Accountability: Responsible actions and follow thru that inspire trust

Transparency: Candid collaboration and cooperation

Integrity: Be honest and take ownership

Curiosity: to learn, to build relationships, to generate ideas, to create solutions

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