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Precision Group is comprised of 3 separate yet complementary companies that address distinctly unique environmental concerns.

The initial company, Precision Industrial Maintenance, was founded in 1992 with a pick-up truck and a dream. A dream of building a company that reflected our gritty, family oriented Vermont values. That, in combination with an unwavering belief that with hard work and creativity, outstanding customer service-both inside and outside of the company-and sheer determination anything is possible. That ‘can do’ attitude was tested with our very first job at a local plant; we were charged with cleaning a 6 million gallon tank filled with six oil. This job was tedious and mundane. It’s the kind of job that makes it easy to quit, but our perseverance was fueled by the vision of what could be; and sure enough when grit and vision combine, great things are possible. Since that time, we have grown from a company that has specialized in offering environmental, industrial and hazardous waste services to a company that with the purchase of Martin Environmental Services, Inc. in 2002 now meets the asbestos and lead abatement needs of the community.


It was another ten years before the third company - Precision Trenchless LLC., was formed in 2013. It was the product of a trade show, a bottle of wine and an all-night discussion which spilled over into the weekend. For years we had avoided the rehabilitation of pipes because the process did not align with our environmental values. However when we learned of new, environmentally friendly technology that does not pollute the air, water or soil our curiosity and desire to be on the cutting edge of change was ignited. This new opportunity provided just the kind of excitement we had been looking for and it came at the perfect time. Mara desired a challenge and Todd –still busy with the other two companies - had just enough time to offer valuable guidance for an excited Mara to head up this new venture. It was a good thing too, because any time you bring new technology to market it’s a challenge.  Fortunately we had not lost our grit or gumption because our first projects were of the variety that no one else would or could do. These jobs tested our product, our ability and our courage. We relined a 100 foot deep 100+ year old pipe in a nearby town. We worked atop Whiteface Mountain and elsewhere we traversed a mountain that required special machinery in order to access the site location. These challenges built our confidence and our resolve to further the use of this new technology in an effort to preserve our environment and meet the needs of communities.




Hello, it’s so nice to meet you! My name is Mara Kilburn and I am the Managing Member of Precision Trenchless LLC, a woman-owned business. I began my career in banking and insurance, but I left those worlds behind when I decided to marry my husband, Todd, move to New York State and start a family. Todd soon convinced me to join him in our small construction business where I worked alongside him for nearly fifteen years.  Originally, I knew little of construction and this felt like a stretch for me as I had always been more interested in all things nature. I loved the outdoors, was an avid recycler and protector of the Earth. But these two worlds, construction and environmentalist, collided when I learned about Ultra Violet Cured In Place Pipe lining. Who knew that there was a safe and reliable method to rehabilitate our aging pipe systems in an environmentally friendly way? This is really the reason I decided to get involved in the Trenchless business. One of my favorite aspects of the job is meeting people and sharing with them the benefits of UV CIPP lining. While I enjoy developing marketing material, which I call preaching the UV CIPP gospel, don’t be surprised if you find me working on the side of a road somewhere (hopefully not in the rain!).  So please visit the rest of our site, get to know my company and let us know what we can do to assist you.

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